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 This is where things get even more amazing, and I start feeling like  my artists life is truly full of magic… at the end of July, I am going to the Arctic!  For two weeks, on a sea-voyage with a super cool organization called Students on Ice.  Check it out:  we fly to Iqaluit, and take a ship from there to Greenland.  With 80 international high school students, and 30 scientists and polar experts and aboriginal leaders…and a few lucky artists. Insane.   This is truly a dream.   I’ve been dreaming of going North, to build upon the research I started to do for To Live in the Age of Melting: Northwest Passage Revisited:  i want to see it for myself, to collect images and meet people and  have a physical experience of this rapidly-changing part of our country, which is feeling the effects of global warming more acutely than anywhere else on earth…this will be the trip of a life time, and also the next step in the creative process of creating a new show:  building upon the themes I have begun to examine in Northwest Passage Revisited  and taking it into new and unknown places….following the question of what happens when ancient ice – parts of the known world which have always been frozen – as well as parts of ourselves – begin to melt.

This winter, I recorded the 20 minute audio epic Northwest Passage Revisited, with Don Kerr.  Very shortly, I will be making this piece available (for download only) – as the “part one” preview of the unfolding project which is To Live in the Age of Melting.    I’ll keep you posted.