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From West to East and home again…

How they do things on Salt Spring Island, BC

And…we’re back from the tour.  Well, almost:  we’ve been west, and we’ve been east – and next week we head back to the left coast to Victoria’s amazing UNO Festival for two more shows.   Then a handful more shows over the summer months here in Ontario.

Tour report so far?   The week on the east coast was beautiful!  Amazing weather meant great drives around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI;  in NB, we had the honour of playing at two renown, gorgeous theatres, The Imperial in Saint John and The Fredericton Playhouse (where Canadian Olympic athlete, women’s mountain bike champ Catharine Pendrel was sitting in the front row at our show! Eeeeeee!);  shows in small NS communities like picturesque Annapolis Royal, Saulnierville (on the French Shore) and Shelburne were a treat.  We had an unexpected celebrity encounter after the Osprey Theatre show, with Shelburne-summer couple, actor Jane Alexander and director Ed Sherin, who stayed after to tell us they loved the show:)   A gas station attendant in Aulac NB, right on the border between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, makes it her hobby to buy the CD’s of every travelling musician who stops at her gas station – as it’s right on the TransCanada hwy, she said EVERYONE does stop there – and bought our CD right from the trunk.  Everywhere we go, I meet amazing people, cyclists and cycling enthusiasts:  in Annapolis Royal, the local cycling group the “cyclopaths” came to the show, instead of going on their weekly thursday ride;  they are a self-professed “eating group with a cycling problem” who enjoy long rides to delicious eating opportunities.  Of course the pain of touring on a tight schedule is that there’s no time for riding around ourselves (next tour, i plan to get a foldy-bike to put in the van!), or much tourism.   But from peacocks on Salt Spring Island, BC, to driving over the longest bridge in the world (Confederation Bridge to PEI:  8 miles!), we definitely took in some glorious sights and views and windows into life in this vast, diverse and beautiful land of ours.   And of course in the end, the sweetest part of going away is coming home.  Where I am glad to be for another week before we go back west…


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  1. Bart Cummins says:

    Wow, thanks for sharing your tales from the road… Catharine Pendrel, gas station attendant buying cd’s of traveling musicians, and Cyclopaths among my favourites.

    Hope you’re able to get on a bike during upcoming tours because as you know, a bike can get you to some interesting spaces.

    Ride on.

    – from Kamloops

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