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The amazing SPIN funding team

It takes a village to raise a record: and a production! To the amazing fans and supporters who have donated to the upcoming show and recording: my heartfelt thanks and gratitude!


$25-$99    LINK IN THE CHAIN Propelling us forward!

  • Alisa Craig
  • Bonnie Anthony
  • Karyn Ellis
  • Eric Kristensen
  • Ralph Phillips
  • Denise Reaume
  • Yvonne Bambrick
  • Suzie Vinnick
  • Scott White
  • Mary Pinkonski
  • Rosemary Phelan
  • Maggie McLean
  • Suzanne Nuttall
  • James Andean
  • Brian O’Neal
  • Laura Brooks
  • Jason Charters
  • Christopher Douglas
  • Bryce Kulak and Brian Telzerow
  • Cheya Litvack
  • June Etta Chenard
  • Matthew Everett
  • Cate Stevens
  • Rachel D Parker
  • Lyn Miller and Judy Amsbury
  • Judy Durjancik
  • Eve Goldberg and Ellen Long
  • Mark Shyzer
  • Rose Marie Cipryk
  • Meredith Egan
  • Daniel Allen
  • Carol McCloud
  • Laura Grunder
  • Cathy Gordon


$100-249   PEDAL Giving us momentum!

  • Wendy Sanford
  • Rosemary Meier
  • Sandy Byer
  • Dan Cooperstock
  • Sally Beth and Paul McLean
  • Jenny Huntley, in honour of Keegan Munk Phillips, Ralph Phillips and Michelle Munk
  • Doug Miller and Patty Marr, BikeFace
  • Thomas Sorokowsky
  • David Barratt
  • Michael and Mary Kainer
  • Cindy Shantz and Peter Kistler


$250-499   HANDLEBAR Keeping us steady!

  • Peter Janes
  • Jane Orion Smith and Janet Ross
  • Bev Bauer
  • Caroline Parry
  • Abby Hershler and Charleen Wiseman
  • Karen and Howard Kaplan


$500-$999   SPINNING WHEEL Helping us move!

  • Camilla and Chester Gryski


$1,000+    “TOUR DE SPIN” TEAM MEMBER Taking us on the road!

  • Susan Lawrence, in memory of Sue Goldberg
  • Grit Laskin
  • Richard Reed Parry


Make a donation by clicking here!

All donations to SPIN of $25 or more are tax-deductible and will receive a charitable donation tax receipt.  Be part of the amazing creative cycle of supporting independent art!

To make a charitable donation (and get a tax receipt!), click here. Please put “OutSpoke/SPIN” in the message instructions text box.

All donations after February 28, 2011 go toward the future touring of SPIN.

Donations by cheque should be addressed to Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, with OutSpoke/SPIN noted. Send to SPIN c/0 Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12 Alexander Street, Toronto, M4Y 1B4, Ontario, Canada

Of course, major thanks to The Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council for their support for the 2011 production.