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The new Independent Auntie production

It’s almost here.  The Aunties are in the thick of rehearsals for BREAKFAST, the show we’ve been developing through the Theatre Centre for the past couple of years.

We invite you over to Breakfast with us, while we ask the question:

“What do you need to do to truly tranform your life?”

Rehearsals are exciting.   We have a super fantastical production team.   We’re in the space now, with not only the usual suspects (Karin Randoja, Anna Chatterton, Brendan Healy and myself) but now also Julie Fox (set and costume design…yow!), Richard Windyer (sound design…ooooo it’s gonna be cool), Jim Ruxton (special effects….)  and more……the creative juices are cooking.  Opens May 14th (for the first week of “workshop”) and then we invite the press in on May 21, and it runs until June 1.   Book your tickets now…space is very limited.