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The Stone and the Bumblebee (a love story)

The Stone and the Bumblebee fight that night after dinner.
Stone sits in her chair, Bee flies through the air furiously.
Stone says “I…”, Bee says “Why can’t you be more like me?”
Stone says “You never let me finish my sentences”.

That night the Stone and the Bee are having their differences.
They lie on their bed like princess.
Bee says “Stone, why won’t you speak?” Stone says “Bee, why won’t you sleep?”
Bee says “I feel a pea underneath all these mattresses.

And it’s driving me crazy, my pebble, my Stone.
It’s driving me crazy!”
Stone says “Leave me alone.
I don’t know what to say or how we should end this day.”
Bee says “Look outside, the moon is bright.”

Stone and Bee are awake in the middle of the night.
Bee lies still, wishing she could take flight.
She says “Stone, oh stony Stone, Stone my Stone, am I alone?”
Stone says “I feel your wings beating inside my head.

And it’s driving me crazy, my bumble, my bee.
Its driving me crazy, but I wish you could see
even after such a day, I don’t wish your wings away
I just wish you would stay here with me.”

“But I’m here, my stone. I’m here, my stone!
Stone, you so love the ground,  and I love to fly around.
We are as different as the day and the night.

the Stone and the Bee in the dim dawn light,.
each one thinking maybe the other one’s right.
Bee say “Stone,”
Stone says “Bee, if I were you, and you were me,
then maybe we could give up this fight.”

Bee says “yes, I think you’re right.
So kiss me Stone, and say goodnight.
I’ll be you and you be me,
I’ll lie still and you fly free,
Bee so heavy and Stone so light
But Stone is the place where Bee will alight.”

evalyn parry all rights reserved SOCAN 2002

This song can be found on evalyn’s album Unreasonable