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To Live in the Age of Melting

To Live in the Age of Melting:    Northwest Passage


To Live in the Age of Melting: Northwest Passage

By Evalyn Parry. Available as audio CD and NOW ALSO in a limited, special edition package that includes a DVD copy of the short film by Evalyn Parry and Elysha Poirier.

Riding the wave of two iconic folk songs (“Northwest Passage” by Canadian folk legend Stan Rogers, and the traditional “Lady Franklin’s Lament”) this twenty-minute “musical essay” embarks on a sonic journey that travels from Franklin’s doomed 19th century expedition to contemporary Arctic Sovereignty; from climate change to the human nervous system, along the way probing the nature of colonial legacy, tradition, and what happens when old, frozen parts of the world we know – and parts of ourselves – begin to melt.

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Audio CD ($10 plus shipping)
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Limited special edition package: film DVD and audio CD ($20 plus shipping)
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CD Credits

  • Produced by Don Kerr and evalyn parry
  • Electric guitar, shruti box and vocals by evalyn parry
  • Recorded at The Rooster Studio by Don Kerr
  • Mastered by Jeff Caroll at Bluefield Mastering
  • Graphic design by Elysha Poirier
  • Music and lyrics by Evalyn Parry SOCAN all rights reserved
  • Lyrics from Northwest Passage by Stan Rogers used with permission

This recording made possible by The Ontario Arts Council’s Word of Mouth program.

About the film

Traversing the territory between theatrical performance and film, theatre artist/musician evalyn parry and visual/projections artist Elysha Poirier ask us to consider what happens when the Canadian North begins to melt, and the artist becomes the explorer.  Filmed by cinematographer Nick de Pencier, the picture captures a live musical and visual performance set in a liminal, Arctic-inspired space constructed out of white paper. Live projections give way to hand drawn and collaged animations that take the viewer deeper into a meditation on colonial and cultural legacy, layering contemporary images form the North, archival footage and haunting abstract watercolours. Lady Jane Franklin comes to life in an icy dress, a guitar amplifier becomes a screen, a fishbowl full of ink becomes the endangered ocean, and an old folk song becomes a call to action.

Film Credits

  • Written, performed and produced by Evalyn Parry
  • Visual and projection design by Elysha Poirier
  • Post animations Elysha Poirier
  • Cinematographer Nick de Pencier
  • Set design Elysha Poirier
  •  Costume design Anahita Dehbonite

This film was made possible by The Canada Council For the Arts Literary Performance program.

This film was made possible by The Canada Council For the Arts Literary Performance program.