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I’m sitting in a coffee shop on the east side of Toronto, and Michael Ondaatje is sitting right near by. How funny. I love Canada, and our aversion to treating fame like it’s anything to get excited about. Though i must admit to being a little excited to be sitting in such close proximity of the source of such incredible words right now. Speaking of literary heavy-hitters, I’ve just finished a new story about my chance meeting with Margaret Atwood this summer…the story will get it’s maiden voyage from page to stage at the Tranzac show on Dec 11.

I had a great weekend away playing a couple shows with Eve Goldberg (she finished her new song). The weather is so beautiful, it doesn’t feel like November at all. The driving was beautiful with leaves. Georgian Bay is a glory at any time of year. The Amnesty International benefit in Clarksburg/Thornbury was extremely fun; looking around the crowd at the beginning, my friends from Toronto whispered “they have no idea what they are in for…”. And frankly, I was nervous that maybe me and my stuff would be a little too “out there” for the residents of this little Ontario town — but how lovely to be reminded never to judge books by their covers, or audiences by their hair colours — they were so receptive and appreciative, I loved them. Little tow-headed Reesa was by far one of the youngest in the room that night (like maybe by 50 years); the highlight of my night was when she came back into the hall as we were packing up, giggling like crazy as she dragged her mom back to the CD table. Her mom told me they had to come back, because Reesa NEEDED to have the CD with the maxi-pad song on it. Oh, the beauty! Changing the world, one 9 year old girl at a time.