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Valentines is also World Organ Donation Day

Feb 14 is not just Valentines Day, it’s also World Organ Donor Day.A very dear friend of mine is waiting for a kidney transplant.  We went to theatre school together.  She is an incredible human being, and incredible artist, and she’s on dialysis again at the moment, as she waits  – along with 4500 other Canadians waiting – for an organ to become available. It has been years of waiting, with many medical complications along the way.

Yesterday, she sent out a link to a petition that’s been circulating, asking the Government of Canada to move to an opt-out program for donation, meaning that all citizens would be presumed to be consenting to donation (with the option to opt out for whoever reason).  Countries that have this policy (Norway, Austria, France, Italy and more) have significantly higher transplant rates than those that don’t (like Canada).

This seems to me like such a logical step toward saving and helping more lives. Canadians, I hope you’ll consider signing this petition – and if you’re not in Canada, please make sure to register your donor status with your drivers license or health card-  to help save or improve the life of someone you love, or someone you don’t even know.