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VOTE Canada!

Exercise that right that people are dying for the world over.

So exciting that change is sweeping Canada….what will happen?

12 hours later: Update

oh god, the worst happened.  Harper got what he wanted: a Conservative majority government.  60% voter turn out (record low), and only 40% of those voted Conservative, but our problematic, first-past-the-post system means we still wind up with a so-called “majority” government who do not actually represent the majority.  Not to mention Harper governs like a creepy dictator, shutting down the watch-dogs, taking away funding from all possible sources of critique.

In good news, amazing Green Party leader Elizabeth May won her seat: first-ever Green MP in our Parliament!  And of course, the historic and incredible victory for the NDP, becoming the new official opposition, with 102 seats!  Which is totally exciting….except that a Tory majority is going to make their job a very very difficult one.   Personally proud and happy to have the awesome Peggy Nash back in action, representing my riding of Parkdale-High Park.