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what’s new in the new year

Good things are coming up in 2010.  Here are some highlights i’m looking forward to.

#1:  a play that I wrote and act in:  the remount of the Independent Auntie’s critically acclaimed show “Breakfast” runs for three weeks at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, March 17-April 4.

#2:  SPIN goes to Newfoundland, for the Sound Symposium, July 2010!  With some stops on the way, to be announced…

#3.  I return to the Banff Centre this April,  this time to teach at the 2010 Spoken Word program. While I”m out there, also performing in a couple great events as part of the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival.

This month and next, i will be busy directing projects with the Young Creators Unit at Buddies, to be presented at the 2010 Rhubarb Festival.    Rhubarb is an amazing three week festival of contemporary performance – my favorite theatre event of the year in Toronto, where you’ll see an array of new work unlike any your likely to see anywhere else.  We’ve got a great group of Young Creators this year, and I’m very excited for their presentations.   I’m also helping get Fishbowl back up on its feet: Mark is going to New York with the newly abridged version of the show which will play at New York City’s FRIGID Festival this March.